Alias: La Chica Scratch - Work in Progress


Quantum phenomena of leaps in spacetime blend with an urge for an ancestral legacy recalling. A young Colombian queer embarks on a journey in which her positionality as an immigrant activist & artist is diffracted through a choreography that resurrects her mother.

In this border-crossing to the present, a pulsating body becomes transposed with its concealed history at the time her mother was a young activist & student in Colombia back in the 1970s.

Immersing in this mother-daughter relationship, this research wants to enact the creative force of transpositions, while reviving the troubling territories of womanhood/feminism, the politics of violence and care, the local vs. the global, authority & the role of sentimentalism in creating perception, populism, and the workings of obedience/disobedience.

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Concept, Choreography and Performance by: Paula Chaves

Residencies: Veem House for Performance and Het Huis Utrecht

Agüero Jahannes