Paraart gives birth to Paula’s artist alter ego: Pavla van Coco. As she exposes her ‘personal’ adaptation journey as a South-American artist who studies and works in the North European ‘art world’-more specifically The Netherlands- Pavla plays with the proximity between contemporary art production & neoliberal capitalism. Her confessions give insight into the current artistic political climate that young artists are confronted with, and questions the complicity with ´humanitarian´ -or art-washing, serving to problematise the relationship between artistic labor/art production and capital.

Paraart researches the force & drive of the emotional body, the power and knowledge it withholds as a way to release it from the exoticization inflicted by the colonial gaze. Pavla investigates the embodiment of emotions such as anger, hysteria, anxiety & bipolarity, allowing her to complexify the practice of denouncing, which simultaneously feels and transfers guilt. In Paraart, this delineation of emotional exchange and displacement wishes to re-inscribe the oppositions between subject/object & north/south that characterizes the neoliberal gaze.



Concept & Choreography: Paula Chaves
Performance: Paula Chaves & special guests
Artistic advising: Katerina Bakatsaki & Carolina van Eps 
Scenography: Jane Porter 
Videos: Alex Reuter

Agüero Jahannes