Iztaccihuatl Jalametik


Iztaccihuatl (white woman in Náhuatl language) Jalame'tik (mother or godmother in Tseltal language)

The volcanoes of Mexico, its waterfalls and water sources are natural sanctuaries not only for the people who live in the region. Migration brings indigenous people and families from all over the country to Mexico City. In the midst of poorly paid work, abuse, discrimination and communication difficulties due to a low command of Spanish, this Tseltal family seeks the sanctuary of the godmother Iztaccihuatl to continue the teaching of their grandmothers and grandparents. They turn on candles, make offerings and talk with the creators and guardian spirits to sustain the natural balance of life and restore it in their current lives now stunned by the city.



Concept: Paula Chaves Performers: Petrona López, Natalia Chaves and members of the Tseltal Indigenous community in Tenejapa, Mexico   Artistic Advising: Lisa Skwirblies & Bruno Listopad
Video edition: Alex Reuter

Paula Chaves